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 +====== Spring 2012 experiments ======
 +As the results of the November 2011 experiment showed that current technology, both standard video conferencing as well as the latest codec hardware, did not perform well enough to support remote online condunting, NMH and NTNU decided to move the experiment into the lab.
 +During winter and spring 2012, a student at NTNU persued his masters degree by investigating limitations and challenges with low delay video streaming. Experiments within the following domains were conducted:
 +  * Optical (real) delay introduced by equipment ​
 +  * Reaction time
 +  * Space perception
 +  * Musical rehearsal
 +A comprehensive [[ http://​​soek/​resultat.php?​simple_query=Daniel+Puig+Conca&​squery=S%D8K&​stype=1 | Msc report ]] is available presenting the results in detail.
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