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November 2011 experiment

This experiment attempts to demonstrate how well the current state-of-the-art internet network together with high-end off-the-shelf audio-visual equipment may support remote online condicting of a choir, i.e. support a quality of experience (QoE) demanding application.


The experiment has multiple objectives

  • Scientific experiment to measure achievable QoE with current IP-net and equipment technology.
    • Results should be analysed and presented in an appropriate research fora, i.e. workshop/conference/journal
    • Results can contribute to the basis for an application within the EU 7th framework program, call 8.
  • A demonstrator for the current state-of-the-art network and equipment
    • Potentially reusable for remote teaching of musical disciplines
  • Promotion for involved partners

The experiment

The experiment is scheduled to take place in two session.

A live streams of the session is also made available.

A video is available explaining (in simple terms) the experiment setup and objective.


Both sessions of the experiment has completed. However due to sever technical difficulties the final results turn out to have limited value.

Inmature encoder and decoder hardware

The equipment borrow from Hitatchi turns out to have several bugs which required attention before a two-way video-session could be established. Support from Hitatchi has been limited and came very late. The hardware units (decoder and encoders) were not in full operation when the choir was scheduled for their online rehearsal. The experiment had to move on to an alternative technical solution, i.e. a plan B.

Plan B - Standard video conferencing

Standard video conferencing equipment was chosen as a backup plan. A session was established successfully, and attempts to conduct the choir over the video-session was made. As return delay turned out to be close to 2 seconds, the conductor struggled severely and the rehearsal was eventually aborted.

Back to the lab

Based on the experience from the November experiment it was necessary to bring the project into a lab environment to sort out the technical difficulties.

Hence the Spring 2013 experiments ( with the concluding Msc report ) is the next phase of the CoIP project.

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