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CoIP - Conducting over IP

“Conducting over IP” (CoIP) is a project with the objective of gaining experience with the applications of conducting song remotely over the Internet. Among the activities included in the project is testing current state-of-the-art equipment, both high end and low end (off-the-shelf), and both audio-visual and networking equipment. Measurements performed will address performance of technical equipment, artistic quality and general user experiences.

Core objective of the project are

  • to investigate aspects of delay sensitive applications on the Internet with music collaboration as the main area and conduction as the main application.
  • to analyse and publish results in relevant scientific fora, i.e. workshops/conferences/journals
  • to generate input to project proposal for e.g. EU's 7th Framework Program and Horizon 2020.
  • to make available demonstrators of current state-of-the-art network and equipment, and hence enable innovative teachers in Norway to experiment with online teaching of delay sensitive disciplines.

Read more about the background for the project initiative.

A number of partner institutions have contributed to the project.


NOTE: From 2014 the CoIP project has been generalized and renamed to Nettmusikk 2014 (Network music 2014). The new prosject has a new home page .

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