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Venues in Norway with open gigabit on stage network

City Institution Building Room Socket location Socket type Capacity ISP Comment
Trondheim Dokkhuset scene - Main stage In ceiling front mid stage Fiber 10gbps Uninett
Trondheim Olavshallen Olavskvartalet Main stage Right side of stage Fider 10gbps Uninett
Trondheim NTNU Olavskvartalet Orgelsalen Right side of entrence door Fiber 10gbps Uninett
Trondheim NTNU Olavskvartalet Kammersalen ? TP 1gbps Uninett
Trondheim NTNU Olavskvartalet Kjellerstudio Inside technical closet Fiber 10Gbps Uninett
Trondheim NTNU Town square “Kredittkassen” building north end Outdoor right side 3m up Fiber 1gbps Uninett
Trondheim NTNU NRK Tyholt Studio K13 Technical room, Aruba switch TP and fiber 1gbps Uninett
Oslo UiO ? Châteauneuf ? ? ? ? Uninett ? Uninett has a router in the building
Oslo NMH (Main stage) ? ? TP 1gbps Uninett
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