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Vxlan config example

The following recipe may configurs a vxlan tunnel between a linux host and an Aruba switch.

On Ubuntu linux host

  • Create vxlan device vxlan0 with vxlan network identifier 42, remote tunnel host ip and (default) port 4789:
    sudo ip link add vxlan0 type vxlan id 42 dev eth1 remote dstport 4789
  • Assign ip vtep address and turn up interface:
    ip addr add dev vxlan0  
    ip link set up dev vxlan0

On Aruba 2930F switch

  • Prerequisits
    • Need vlan with static IP, i.e. vlan 2 for port 2 with IP
      (config)# interface 2 untagged vlan 2
      (config)# vlan 2 ip address
    • (The IP set above cannot be on a the same subnet as other IP's set in the switch.)
  • Enter configuration and enable vxlan tunnels:
    # configure
    (config)# vxlan enable
  • Create virtual network an associate network id 42 and Vlan 2
    (config)# virtual-network 42 2 "Vxlan-net1"
  • Untested example commands from hp document
    vxlan enable
    virtual-network 200 50 "vni200"
    interface tunnel 13
      tunnel name "VXLAN_Tunnel02"
      tunnel mode vxlan
      tunnel source
      tunnel destination
    vxlan tunnel 13 overlay-vlan 50
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